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The BT Phone Box Project

Our very first project is probably the smallest! We are turning our BT Phone Box into the UK’s smallest multi-media art gallery. With an audience capacity of just one, the old Porthleven BT Phone box is one of the more unique ways to experience art.  The project is being led by Suz Inman and members of the community who will be refurbishing the harbour head red telephone box and giving it a new lease of life as The Little Box of Stories. The box will become a miniature gallery, capable of hosting everything from a gallery of images, to multimedia displays, or light and sound installations.


We propose to invite local, national and international artists to apply for a two-week long exhibition in the box. Performance artists, writers storytellers, painters, illustrators, multimedia artists and children will all be welcome to pitch an idea to feature their work. Community groups and residents from Porthleven will be actively encouraged to apply.


We’d like each two-week exhibition to tell a story – it might be a visual feast for the senses or a set of audio books but each mini-exhibition should have a clear theme or focus, and a single paragraph story that can be posted as part of the exhibition.


The box would be one of the venues included at local events and Festivals such as Porthleven Food Festival in April and our Arts Festival in September. Content would be curated accordingly for these events.

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