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What is Porthleven Arts

Porthleven is now an attractive village with considerable charm and a vibrant economy but, if Porthleven is to raise its profile as the Cornish village which encourages and excels in creativity in the arts, then a holistic approach to the arts will be necessary.

An impetus for this will be the promotion of the Porthleven Creative Arts Community (PCAC), members of which will share the following objectives:

  1. Encourage creative art in all its forms in the Village and surrounding areas.
  2. Establish Porthleven’s reputation as an innovative village renowned for creativity and its varied high-quality arts activities which make a significant contribution to the County of Cornwall.
  3. Encourage arts-related projects which will increase opportunities for artists working in its various disciplines including the use of creative technologies, photography, performance arts, sculpture, painting and poetry – fully exploring the potential of a multi-disciplinary approach.
  4. Encourage artists to live, work, create and develop businesses in Porthleven.
  5. Increase the profile of individual artists connected with Porthleven.
  6. Encourage the links of conventional expressions of art and advancing digital technologies in a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  7. Provide opportunities for artists to engage and to sell work to both visitors and residents of Porthleven.
  8. Encourage educational projects which will contribute to the
    objectives of the PCAC including the artistic use of digital technologies to create businesses, local prosperity and employment.
  9. Encourage, wherever possible, the use of all available venues to accommodate performance and activities within the Village and in support of its local economy.
  10. Promote conditions to enhance employment in Porthleven by creating suitable floor space environments which will encourage creative start- up initiatives and the development of innovative market solutions.
  11. Support the creation of space for year-round public performance. Create a performance amphitheatre with audience capacity for 400/500 in which summertime events alongside existing established village festivals and activities
  12. Establish a new “Emerging Talent Festival” in conjunction with Falmouth and Bath Spa Universities to showcase specifically created productions over July and August each year.
  13. Work towards the creation of a new annual Porthleven Arts Festival to take place in September to respect the timing of other events and particularly the established annual Food and Music Festival. It may prove possible for such a Festival to run for two consecutive weeks immediately following the Emerging Talent Festival once both become firmly established.


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